Beef and Vegetables Over Rice Noodles

With the holidays and college starting I have FINALLY gotten a chance to post something.  A few things have changed, one being that I am on my official “getting older” medicine-prescription Nexium.  I have been advised to avoid anything spicy (not happy about that), citrus (Eh-can be ok with that) and tomatoes (hmmmm-thats going to… Continue reading Beef and Vegetables Over Rice Noodles

Coconut Curry Chicken & Mushrooms

Another beautiful day.  If the wind wasn’t so strong I would be out in the kayak for sure.  Instead I got out and ran some errands, sun-roof open on the truck and listening to Don Williams.  I saw him in concert a few years ago and he was awesome.  Got back home and started prep… Continue reading Coconut Curry Chicken & Mushrooms

Loco Moco (with Bison)

Well, our little lake is slowly going down again….WE NEED RAIN (and we need Abilene, Texas to stop using water from here).  Hopefully this weekend we can get out on the kayaks and enjoy this hot summer weather.  Also, I am super excited that we are having lunch with my Aunt and Uncle on Monday as they head back to sunny California. We… Continue reading Loco Moco (with Bison)

Steak & Mushroom Shepherds Pie

I came across an article on AOL that listed the most popular and most ordered foods at restaurants.  We rarely eat out so I was curious to find out what this ‘list’ was all about.  After scrolling through I now know that there is a reason I prefer to eat at home.   However, I did like the idea of… Continue reading Steak & Mushroom Shepherds Pie

Roasted Vegetable Pizza With Red Pepper Marinara & Basil Cream Sauce

The last few days have been crazy tearing our deck apart but once we see the end result it will be amazing-‘Just Do It’-I keep telling myself.  Over the weekend my cooking seemed to take a back seat to all of this being that I was too tired to do it. Today is a new day… Continue reading Roasted Vegetable Pizza With Red Pepper Marinara & Basil Cream Sauce

Salami-Sweet Chili Pizza On Naan Bread

TGIF….Ready for the weekend.  I picked up my laptop from GeekSquad yesterday-all fixed 🙂  and also managed to get a few errands done while in the big city of Abilene. It was a MUST that I go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and get a 12″ Gotham Steel Skillet.  A few weeks ago I ordered the… Continue reading Salami-Sweet Chili Pizza On Naan Bread

Fiery Mushrooms and Onions

‘Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same’ Being a huge mushroom fan it’s hard to understand why there are so many ‘mushroom haters’.  My sister is one of them, says they taste like eyeballs.  Seriously?  Has she eaten an eyeball, and do they actually taste better than a mushroom.  Sent her a… Continue reading Fiery Mushrooms and Onions