Beef and Vegetables Over Rice Noodles

With the holidays and college starting I have FINALLY gotten a chance to post something.  A few things have changed, one being that I am on my official “getting older” medicine-prescription Nexium.  I have been advised to avoid anything spicy (not happy about that), citrus (Eh-can be ok with that) and tomatoes (hmmmm-thats going to… Continue reading Beef and Vegetables Over Rice Noodles

Spicy Chile Smothered Steak Over Rice

This past weekend we headed to Leakey, Texas for a family reunion which had been planned for over a year.   I was glad to finally meet his sister who lives out-of-state as well as many other relatives and happy to see him smiling and catching up.  It is so difficult to get people together these days… Continue reading Spicy Chile Smothered Steak Over Rice

Filet Mignon Tartare

I am house sitting in Houston for my sister and have finally found some time to cook and chillax for a bit.  My Mama and I went thrift shopping today and then had lunch with my uncle.  I will post pics of all the goodies I found when I get back home.  Immediately afterwards I ran some… Continue reading Filet Mignon Tartare

Beef & Vegetable Stew With Smoked Rice

Interesting evening we had yesterday I tell ya.  We decided to get out for a bit and partake in a couple of adult beverages to celebrate the beginning of two big projects-putting stabilizing rock down around our barn and pouring concrete to extend our back porch.  Turns out we weren’t the only ones celebrating.  While… Continue reading Beef & Vegetable Stew With Smoked Rice

Beef Mung Bean Stew

Today has been an awesome day.  Maggie and I got out this morning while it was actually a bit cooler than usual and alternately walked/jogged for about an hour.  Sometimes I worry about my knees because over the years I have not been the most careful in taking care of them.  I do a lot of work… Continue reading Beef Mung Bean Stew

Spicy Roasted Red Curry Beef

It is a relief to know that my sister and her friends are safely back from Cabo after being delayed overnight for what the airline claimed to be a mechanical issue.  Kinda scary but I suppose being stranded in a place like Cabo couldn’t be all that bad.  She said it was beautiful.  And….found out this morning… Continue reading Spicy Roasted Red Curry Beef

Steak & Mushroom Shepherds Pie

I came across an article on AOL that listed the most popular and most ordered foods at restaurants.  We rarely eat out so I was curious to find out what this ‘list’ was all about.  After scrolling through I now know that there is a reason I prefer to eat at home.   However, I did like the idea of… Continue reading Steak & Mushroom Shepherds Pie