Peppery Bison Shepherds Pie

I was feeling a little sloth-like this morning and I think it’s because of the time change and allergy season.  This is my most in-favorite time of year for sure.  I can’t wait for Spring here so I can get busy planting a garden again.   I would love to be able to say I had a productive day yesterday… Continue reading Peppery Bison Shepherds Pie

Bison Chili

Today we were able to attend a class on healthy lifestyle and nutrition.  It wasn’t anything that I didn’t already know but it never hurts to get a refresher every now and then.  For the most part I eat healthy.  However, ironically this class came one day after I made an icebox pie that had… Continue reading Bison Chili

Loco Moco (with Bison)

Well, our little lake is slowly going down again….WE NEED RAIN (and we need Abilene, Texas to stop using water from here).  Hopefully this weekend we can get out on the kayaks and enjoy this hot summer weather.  Also, I am super excited that we are having lunch with my Aunt and Uncle on Monday as they head back to sunny California. We… Continue reading Loco Moco (with Bison)

Spicy Bison Meatballs

 I was so excited to FINALLY see bison at the grocery store.  As I have said many times before, our town has the basics so I was overjoyed to find this meat.  The last time I prepared bison I made burgers and since it is a very lean meat they were a little tough.  This… Continue reading Spicy Bison Meatballs