Beef and Vegetables Over Rice Noodles

With the holidays and college starting I have FINALLY gotten a chance to post something.  A few things have changed, one being that I am on my official “getting older” medicine-prescription Nexium.  I have been advised to avoid anything spicy (not happy about that), citrus (Eh-can be ok with that) and tomatoes (hmmmm-thats going to… Continue reading Beef and Vegetables Over Rice Noodles

Disco Fries

‘Think Happy Thoughts’ So many great things come from watching cooking shows and when they involve potatoes-even better.  I saw this recipe on Dinner at Tiffani’s and got all tingly with excitement.  Instead of crinkle cut frozen fries I roasted tiny red and gold potatoes with a few onions which I sprinkled with some Cajun seasoning.  For the… Continue reading Disco Fries

Salmon Veggie Stack

Our prayers are with everyone that has or will be affected by Hurricane Matthew. Yesterday was hectic-running around trying to get ready for our trip to the Texas Hill Country and attempting to piece together my Halloween costume.  So far neither has been going very well.  I don’t sew-never learned, so I figured I could… Continue reading Salmon Veggie Stack

Smoked Sausage and Cabbage With Gnocchi

The weather is getting cooler (56 this morning) and I’m not sure if I am ready for it.  My little garden seems to be loving it though.  The snow peas are getting taller, the Swiss chard and lettuce are ALMOST too pretty to pick and the radishes are doing great.  Winter needs to hurry up… Continue reading Smoked Sausage and Cabbage With Gnocchi

Purple Sweet Potato Salad

Another busy day in the bustling city of Houston.  How did I ever drive in this chaos?  In a little over five months the place is barely recognizable.  There are three new hospitals, apartments and new neighborhoods where there used to be thick forests.  Pretty sad if you ask me.  My best friend and I… Continue reading Purple Sweet Potato Salad

Okra Fritters

We were lucky to get a sack of fresh okra from a friend of ours and I made some fritters which turned out beautifully.  He was telling me that okra was really easy to grow, however, mine did not do very well.  Maybe it doesn’t grow well in containers which is a must for me… Continue reading Okra Fritters

Creamy Southern Pea Salad

Looks like it is going to be a gorgeous day.  We have someone scheduled to start work on our patio but they have yet to show up.  The dogs are stuck inside with me because they have terrible manners toward other people-it’s embarrassing.  Since I will be stuck at home today I have already made… Continue reading Creamy Southern Pea Salad