Pork Posole Verde

We had such a relaxing weekend-it went by way to fast though.  Saturday I worked on my Halloween costume for most of the afternoon so it is 98 percent complete and that is a relief. (I will post pics ON HALLOWEEN).  Now we need to get busy finding the finishing touches for my husbands costume.  I love… Continue reading Pork Posole Verde

Beef & Vegetable Stew With Smoked Rice

Interesting evening we had yesterday I tell ya.  We decided to get out for a bit and partake in a couple of adult beverages to celebrate the beginning of two big projects-putting stabilizing rock down around our barn and pouring concrete to extend our back porch.  Turns out we weren’t the only ones celebrating.  While… Continue reading Beef & Vegetable Stew With Smoked Rice

 RAIN! RAIN! RAIN!  Missed my morning walk today-BUMMER.  Maybe by this afternoon it will clear up enough to get that in.  Instead I baked and did laundry.  We just finished watching Zootopia which was a very cute movie-especially the sloths at the DMV. I mentioned yesterday that my husband suggested beans to go with the leftover… Continue reading

Beef Mung Bean Stew

Today has been an awesome day.  Maggie and I got out this morning while it was actually a bit cooler than usual and alternately walked/jogged for about an hour.  Sometimes I worry about my knees because over the years I have not been the most careful in taking care of them.  I do a lot of work… Continue reading Beef Mung Bean Stew

Calico Beans & Franks With Potatoes and Jalapeno Cornbread

Great News!!!!  My fresh Hatch chili peppers are being shipped on Monday from The Hatch Chile Store in New Mexico.  IThis is so exciting. I just love these peppers.  I pre-ordered five pounds because they are seasonal and are only available about one month out of the year. Yesterday was my cheat day to eat ‘whatever I wanted’. … Continue reading Calico Beans & Franks With Potatoes and Jalapeno Cornbread

Leftover Chicken & Shrimp Stew Over Parmesan Toast

Seriously….I do not think I have been this tired in a while.  Spent most of the day working in 100 degree weather tearing out our deck.  Hopefully soon we will be pouring concrete to expand our porch.  We have been thinking about getting a spa and maybe that will happen before winter (wouldn’t that be… Continue reading Leftover Chicken & Shrimp Stew Over Parmesan Toast

Chicken & Shrimp Stew

A few days ago my sister sent me an invitation to try Blue Apron free for one week.  In case you haven’t heard of this company, they pre-package fresh ingredients and deliver it straight to your door with the recipes. I signed up of course to see what it was all about and received my package… Continue reading Chicken & Shrimp Stew