Disco Fries

‘Think Happy Thoughts’ So many great things come from watching cooking shows and when they involve potatoes-even better.  I saw this recipe on Dinner at Tiffani’s and got all tingly with excitement.  Instead of crinkle cut frozen fries I roasted tiny red and gold potatoes with a few onions which I sprinkled with some Cajun seasoning.  For the… Continue reading Disco Fries

Jicama-Dill Au gratin

For years I have heard people talk about meditation and how revitalizing it is and how great they feel after doing it.  I have tried it a few times but can’t seem to sit still long enough.  For me it’s like when the doctor tells you to lay totally still while you get a scan… Continue reading Jicama-Dill Au gratin

Steak & Mushroom Shepherds Pie

I came across an article on AOL that listed the most popular and most ordered foods at restaurants.  We rarely eat out so I was curious to find out what this ‘list’ was all about.  After scrolling through I now know that there is a reason I prefer to eat at home.   However, I did like the idea of… Continue reading Steak & Mushroom Shepherds Pie

Rueben Potatoes

After reading a recipe on What’s For Dinner Moms? earlier today for Twice Baked Reuben Potatoes I went with what I already had which was leftover corned beef, whole new New Potatoes With Cilantro Cream that I had cooked earlier today, sauerkraut (from a can), shredded Swiss cheese and half of an avocado that had to be used TODAY.  … Continue reading Rueben Potatoes

New Potatoes With Cilantro Cream

Getting a head start on dinner today.  I know these potatoes are very simple but they are very yummy.  As everyone knows, cilantro is sold in a giant bouquet and so it has somehow been incorporated into everything cooked in my kitchen lately.  Normally I would freeze it for later but it just screams summertime… Continue reading New Potatoes With Cilantro Cream

Spicy Roasted Potato Salad

Hope everyone enjoyed this long holiday weekend.  We spent the majority of the day sitting on the pier fishing.  Lots of nibbling but not one fish.  There was a nice breeze so it really didn’t matter. Took a tiny break from fishing and prepared the potato salad so it would have time to chill.  The… Continue reading Spicy Roasted Potato Salad

Steak With Spicy Squash & Mini Twice Baked Potatoes

Mondays just seem to come around too fast and with them comes the task of catching up on chores that were neglected over the weekend.  It always feels good when things are back in order and I can focus again though. Saturday morning the lake was like glass so we hopped in the kayaks and cruised around for… Continue reading Steak With Spicy Squash & Mini Twice Baked Potatoes