Pork Posole Verde

We had such a relaxing weekend-it went by way to fast though.  Saturday I worked on my Halloween costume for most of the afternoon so it is 98 percent complete and that is a relief. (I will post pics ON HALLOWEEN).  Now we need to get busy finding the finishing touches for my husbands costume.  I love… Continue reading Pork Posole Verde

Southern Inspired Pizza

I am so excited that the contractors were here yesterday working on our patio.  It is going to be so nice when it is finished.  While they were working on that I got everything ready for pizza and cut up A LOT of okra.  A friend of ours gave us another huge sack full and so… Continue reading Southern Inspired Pizza

Smoked Sausage and Cabbage With Gnocchi

The weather is getting cooler (56 this morning) and I’m not sure if I am ready for it.  My little garden seems to be loving it though.  The snow peas are getting taller, the Swiss chard and lettuce are ALMOST too pretty to pick and the radishes are doing great.  Winter needs to hurry up… Continue reading Smoked Sausage and Cabbage With Gnocchi

Pork Parmesan & Pasta Alfredo

The last four days have been so busy.  It was a relief to get back to norm and back in the kitchen.  We rarely eat out but we had business in other towns and it was unavoidable. There were healthy options available so there was absolutely no excuse to venture to into the lands of fast food. My… Continue reading Pork Parmesan & Pasta Alfredo

Pork Schnitzel With Chipotle-Pea Pasta Salad

Maggie and I had a great walk this morning.  Of course she wants to chase the bunnies so my arm is being jerked left and right continuously (she spots them way before I do).  I think they know she is on a leash so most of them will continue eating or grooming, taunting her with… Continue reading Pork Schnitzel With Chipotle-Pea Pasta Salad

Spicy Gnocchi With Sausage

I sure did miss cooking this weekend but there was just too much going on.  Saturday after a few chores we decided to get out of the house for a little while and grab lunch in a neighboring town.  I had the best burger EVER.  The patty was handmade with fresh, curly leaf lettuce, crispy… Continue reading Spicy Gnocchi With Sausage

Smoky Pork Tacos & Roasted Tomatillo-Avocado Salsa

 I have been listening to Big Band music ALL DAY….Glenn Miller, Cab Calloway, Frank Sinatra…..Doris Day????  I never knew she sang Sentimental Journey.  You learn something new every day.  We ate an early dinner today (4:00 pm) because my husband had a meeting to go to.  This means that I will have ample time to catch up… Continue reading Smoky Pork Tacos & Roasted Tomatillo-Avocado Salsa