Pork Posole Verde

We had such a relaxing weekend-it went by way to fast though.  Saturday I worked on my Halloween costume for most of the afternoon so it is 98 percent complete and that is a relief. (I will post pics ON HALLOWEEN).  Now we need to get busy finding the finishing touches for my husbands costume.  I love… Continue reading Pork Posole Verde

Poblano Tamale Casserole

Our new neighbors moved in Saturday and even though there is a barrier of trees between our houses it was a change for us because we are used to things being very quiet and peaceful.  I am praying that they are quiet folks as well since their property line runs right up to our driveway.  What I have heard that… Continue reading Poblano Tamale Casserole

Fresh Guacamole-Radish Tacos

This is my third day of walking “the hill” on our street and I am fortunate to have Maggie pulling me a little because it is a steep grade.  I figure that walking it over and over is much better than walking on a flat road.  She was waiting for me this morning but I… Continue reading Fresh Guacamole-Radish Tacos

Southwestern Chili Pasta Bowl

There is a good possibility that our kayaks will be delivered this afternoon.  It will be nice to get out on the water, get some exercise, do a little fishing and spend some time with my husband.  It stays windy here almost all of the time so investing an anchor may be a wise idea. … Continue reading Southwestern Chili Pasta Bowl

Quesadillas With Ancho Aioli Sauce

‘By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others’ Well….my garden made it through another night with no thievery. When I peeked around the corner this morning I saw two suspicious furry creatures with big ears running across the road away from my garden. I am certain they were up to no good.… Continue reading Quesadillas With Ancho Aioli Sauce

Pulled Pork Sour Cream Enchiladas

 ‘You only live once but if you do it right once is enough’ It was such a pretty day yesterday.  🙂 I made good use of the leftover pork loin from by making some sour cream enchiladas.  They smelled so good coming from the oven, couldn’t help myself so I took a teeny taste when… Continue reading Pulled Pork Sour Cream Enchiladas