Leftovers Getting Makeovers

This weekend was crazy busy so I didn’t cook-just salads with lettuce and Swiss chard from my garden.  Our town had their annual community-wide garage sale which would have been better if it hadn’t been raining.  It cleared up enough Saturday morning for me to get out and go to a few.  I spent less… Continue reading Leftovers Getting Makeovers

Leftover Chicken & Shrimp Stew Over Parmesan Toast

Seriously….I do not think I have been this tired in a while.  Spent most of the day working in 100 degree weather tearing out our deck.  Hopefully soon we will be pouring concrete to expand our porch.  We have been thinking about getting a spa and maybe that will happen before winter (wouldn’t that be… Continue reading Leftover Chicken & Shrimp Stew Over Parmesan Toast