Apricot Walnut Tarts With Cream Cheese Topping

Opened the freezer-a box of puff pastry fell on my foot-must have been a sign that I needed to bake somethin’.  These tarts were experimental but I documented the ingredients and steps as I made them.  I figured if they turned out less than perfect then the cream cheese topping would be there to save the… Continue reading Apricot Walnut Tarts With Cream Cheese Topping

Fresh Peach Cobbler

‘A peach was the first fruit eaten on the moon’ Rain, Rain, Rain….The lake is full and we have another week of wet weather in the forecast.  These pictures are from one week ago and again today. What a difference.  Our little lake is full and there are lots of critters on the move.  I… Continue reading Fresh Peach Cobbler