Poblano Tamale Casserole

Our new neighbors moved in Saturday and even though there is a barrier of trees between our houses it was a change for us because we are used to things being very quiet and peaceful.  I am praying that they are quiet folks as well since their property line runs right up to our driveway.  What I have heard that… Continue reading Poblano Tamale Casserole

Bacon-Artichoke Pasta Pie

I hear thunder and the radar says RAIN.  Like I have been saying-we need it BAD because we have major cracks in the ground.   The wind is pretty strong and there are waves on the lake.  We may get lucky tonight.  This morning I hit a couple of yard sales but didn’t find anything great. … Continue reading Bacon-Artichoke Pasta Pie

Jicama-Dill Au gratin

For years I have heard people talk about meditation and how revitalizing it is and how great they feel after doing it.  I have tried it a few times but can’t seem to sit still long enough.  For me it’s like when the doctor tells you to lay totally still while you get a scan… Continue reading Jicama-Dill Au gratin

Cheese Can Fix Anything – Even Quinoa

‘Try to learn something about everything and everything about something’ After lasts nights severe storms, tornado warnings and electric outages it is a surprisingly calm, crisp morning.  Day before yesterday I bought some quinoa and this morning I was up eager to give it another whirl.  The last time I tried it by making quinoa/kale patties and even… Continue reading Cheese Can Fix Anything – Even Quinoa