14 Creative Breakfast Ideas

 I must admit that it was a challenge to develop and keep the habit of eating breakfast but now I can actually say I look forward to it. This became easy once I realized that breakfast could be whatever I wanted it to be.  It seems  Creativity blooms in the morning when the mind is fresh so I… Continue reading 14 Creative Breakfast Ideas

Cinnamon Crepe With Peaches & Rambutan

My produce man is the BEST.  We have a very small Walmart but on occasion they do get some specialty produce and he always lets me know.  A few weeks ago he introduced me to lychee fruit and I made a Lychee Coconut Sorbet.  Yesterday I was telling him how much I loved it and he… Continue reading Cinnamon Crepe With Peaches & Rambutan

Good morning….Happy Monday. I suppose for some people the words ‘Happy’ and ‘Monday’ should not be used together but for me Monday is the day when everything starts coming back together. Everything always seems to get neglected on weekends. I did make some brownies (from a box) on Saturday. If I remember correctly I bought… Continue reading

Sun-Dried Tomato Omelette

Good Morning…. Turns out my husband is off work today.  He had a few errands to run so I just made a quick folded omelette for myself.  I used sun-dried tomatoes and chipotle gouda cheese.  I am once again trying to use up a few things from the frig.  There was an open package of… Continue reading Sun-Dried Tomato Omelette

Sausage & Black Beans With Eggs

This morning was really beautiful so we did a little (and I mean a LITTLE) yard work.  Our purple martin babies are out and flying around their bird house which in desperate need of repair or replacement.  They don’t seem to care that they live in a shack but we are planning on getting a… Continue reading Sausage & Black Beans With Eggs

Corn-Black Bean & Eggs

I was in a rushing this morning making breakfast and this is where getting in a hurry got me.  This is not the vision that I had for this dish….AT ALL.  In my head I saw a colorful, fluffy frittata-style breakfast that sliced perfectly and looked pretty on the plate. That did not happen.  Although the flavors… Continue reading Corn-Black Bean & Eggs

Tex-Mex Egg Scramble

Before I get started looking through the rather large stack of magazines that I picked FREE at a yard sale I wanted to share our festive July 4th breakfast.  Using a vintage cookie cutter that had belonged to my grandmother, I cut the stars from the flour tortillas.  I easily could have made (and consumed) a whole… Continue reading Tex-Mex Egg Scramble