Beef & Peppers

My husband and I had such a heart-warming visit with an elderly veteran friend yesterday evening at the VFW Post.  We talked about gardening and how the rabbits and rodents are terrible this season.  We talked about rattlesnakes and how many encounters he has had over the years.  He spoke briefly of his military service, about… Continue reading Beef & Peppers

Korean Pork Chops

‘Don’t stop when you are tired-stop when you are done’ Last nights thunderstorm was insane.  Winds were gusting at what I would guess to be around 45-50 mph, the waves on the lake were fit for surfing and the lightning (which was very pretty) was constant.  We had tornado warnings for the better part of two hours… Continue reading Korean Pork Chops

Panko Crusted Cod & Steamed Vegetables

‘Rise and attack the day with enthusiasm’ I had a hankering for some sort of Asian food.  All we have here in our town is a Chinese buffet-style restaurant.  I have to admit, the place does stay busy but then again there are not many choices here, besides I had everything here to prepare a… Continue reading Panko Crusted Cod & Steamed Vegetables