Disco Fries

‘Think Happy Thoughts’ So many great things come from watching cooking shows and when they involve potatoes-even better.  I saw this recipe on Dinner at Tiffani’s and got all tingly with excitement.  Instead of crinkle cut frozen fries I roasted tiny red and gold potatoes with a few onions which I sprinkled with some Cajun seasoning.  For the… Continue reading Disco Fries

Pickled Garlic Deviled Eggs

Let me start by telling my ‘big fish’ story.  Yesterday afternoon I grabbed my pole, little tackle bag, a few worms from the compost pile and went to cast out a few times because I kept seeing them jumping.  It was really windy but I did catch a 4-5 pound bass-the biggest yet from our shallow… Continue reading Pickled Garlic Deviled Eggs

Salmon Veggie Stack

Our prayers are with everyone that has or will be affected by Hurricane Matthew. Yesterday was hectic-running around trying to get ready for our trip to the Texas Hill Country and attempting to piece together my Halloween costume.  So far neither has been going very well.  I don’t sew-never learned, so I figured I could… Continue reading Salmon Veggie Stack

Bacon Wrapped Tuna With Jalapeno

All the yardwork in done-waiting on Tuesdays rain to make it grow again.  The weather was PERFECT today and hovering t-in the 70’s.  Since the weather has been cooler the sunsets are becoming so much more colorful-LOVE IT. I wanted to try something a little different tonight so this is what I came up with. … Continue reading Bacon Wrapped Tuna With Jalapeno

Filet Mignon Tartare

I am house sitting in Houston for my sister and have finally found some time to cook and chillax for a bit.  My Mama and I went thrift shopping today and then had lunch with my uncle.  I will post pics of all the goodies I found when I get back home.  Immediately afterwards I ran some… Continue reading Filet Mignon Tartare

Fresh Guacamole-Radish Tacos

This is my third day of walking “the hill” on our street and I am fortunate to have Maggie pulling me a little because it is a steep grade.  I figure that walking it over and over is much better than walking on a flat road.  She was waiting for me this morning but I… Continue reading Fresh Guacamole-Radish Tacos

Spamburger Meatballs

I have not eaten Spam since my Mama fried it for us as kids.  My memory of it is not terrible but I never bought it or cooked it myself-until now.  The travel channel is to blame.  I was watching a show featuring Hawaii and apparently the people there eat a lot of it.  There… Continue reading Spamburger Meatballs