Daily Doodles – September 2016

I have added something new to my morning routine….DOODLING.  This is something that I did obsessively all through school (sometimes instead of homework).  We were given paper covers for our textbooks, I would cover mine with the blank side out and cover it with doodles.  I still have a few of them as a matter… Continue reading Daily Doodles – September 2016

Breaking For A Bunny (And Some Art Time)

I have been cooking-just haven’t had time to post.  It all started three days ago when I found a newborn bunny in my yard with no sign of the mother. Of course the dogs knew where it was so they had to remain on the porch while I kept it safely covered in grass, stalking the… Continue reading Breaking For A Bunny (And Some Art Time)

Broccoli Potato Soup

Yesterday afternoon I made this soup while listening to Benny Goodman and Billie Holiday on the Big Bang/Swing satellite music channel.  Something about that kind of music just puts me in a good mood. Originally I had planned on cooking pork chops but just plain didn’t feel like it so I got them started in… Continue reading Broccoli Potato Soup

Shelf for TV….DONE

Another project is crossed off my list. A few weeks back we cut a piece of plywood for a corner shelf in our living room so that we could raise our TV up.  I  should have painted it right then but was unsure of how I wanted to go about it.  After tossing different ideas… Continue reading Shelf for TV….DONE

Creamy Pea-Carrot Stuffed Eggs

‘Wonder is the beginning of wisdom’ Yesterday was relaxing working on my art-today it has been a struggle to get the mojo happening.  I started working on another boot painting trying to make some changes but only sat and stared blankly at it-time to call it finished and move on so I popped in in a… Continue reading Creamy Pea-Carrot Stuffed Eggs