Jason de Caires Taylors’ Underwater Sculptures are AWESOME!!

British sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor creates underwater installations that are mostly of humans with expressions of despair. Being that they are below the waters’ surface they are mostly colorless but a closer look reveals bright colored coral that has attached itself to the sculptures. The forms are realistic with textures that provide environments for sea life. The only light is from above so the view will change throughout the day.

I chose four art installations that I felt the strongest about which are The Last Supper, The Phoenix, The Silent Evolution and The Speaker. Upon looking at ‘The Last Supper’ it appears as though the people have disappeared before even beginning the meal. I see the bowl of apples and grenades offering them a choice to either eat the apples and be eternally condemned or use the grenades and die for what they believe in. ‘The Phoenix’ was by far my favorite because she reminds me of the marble angels in Glenwood Cemetery-Houston, Texas which has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Despite her tattered wings she still presents with grace and beauty. ‘The Silent Evolution’ depicts people of all ages who appear stripped of everything, are in a confused state, not looking at each other but at the same time all focused either toward the waters’ surface as if expecting something to happen. Perhaps this is the artists view of what is to come in the future. Lastly, I chose ‘The Speaker’ because of the intense message I got from it. I see the speaker at a pulpit reading from a book which I believe to be The Bible, having judgements and criticisms cast at him but through it all he remains standing solid in his beliefs.

These sculptures are amazing. The concept of creating underwater art that is beautiful and beneficial was genius. I appreciate the artists simplistic approach to detail as well as his attention to environmental concerns. Most of the sculptures brought out feelings of sadness but were hypnotizing at the same time. I find it so interesting that what I am seeing today will reinvent itself into an entirely new work of art if viewed again in the future.

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