How Can I Meditate With A Spider In The Room

Recently I started a nutrition class and so far it has been very interesting tracking food, learning what to eat, what not to eat and so on.  So what goes hand in hand with a healthy diet….you got it….exercise.  I have been diligent the last TWO days and am attempting to try meditation.  My mind goes a thousand miles an hour so this may prove challenging to say the least.  So far there have been a few surprises.  This morning before daylight as I was walking out of my ‘calm down it’s going to be an awesome day’ space I saw something move.  Grabbed my phone, turned on the flashlight and there it was….a rattlesnake.  Stepped right over it.  I am assuming he was charmed by the sound of Tibetan music and the smell of my new sandalwood candle.  I don’t mind snakes but not directly in my path…took care of that quickly.  Again this afternoon I ventured out to my ‘space’ to straighten up and got another surprise….a black fuzzy jumping spider scooting around the edge of a shelf.  How in the world am I supposed to come in here, close my eyes and try to clear my mind with things like this.  Relocated the little bastard outside and set off a fogger to make sure NOTHING else interferes with my rituals.

As for cooking, I have not been doing much of that because raw food seems to be what’s on my plate lately.  Perhaps when winter comes I will get start experimenting with some new things.

Always look forward to reading everyone else’s posts though.   🙂

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