Just Dropping In To Say Hello

Just dropping in to catch up on all the great blogs that I follow.  Unfortunately, since my husband and I started school I have not had time to cook as much and definitely have not had time to post.  Today I had a small window so I prepared some smoked rice with broccoli, mushrooms and alfredo sauce.  My plan is top that with a couple of tuna steaks.

On a more positive note I am loving my class schedule and as an adult am enjoying my homework too-strange.   Eventually my blog may change directions and focus on a more variety of things since that seems to be where life is taking me right now.  Also, if anyone has read my bio you would know that I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and was cancer free for 10 years.  A couple of weeks ago I went for some follow-up tests and seems the cancer is back which means I will be doing some tests and possibly some light chemo.  I am not alarmed with the news since medicine has come such a long way and I have an awesome team of medical professionals at my disposal.  Good thing about chemo these days is that there are not side effects and the disease can be stopped and controlled for many years.  Excited to get the ball rolling with all that next Friday.

As I said in a previous post, we chose to go back and get our associates degree in Environmental Science Technology.  For this semesters final exam we are required to write an essay and prepare a Powerpoint on our subject as well.  The subject that I chose was ‘household waste’ and being that I am OCD I have already gathered my information and am organizing my presentation.  For my project I went a step further and did a little experiment on my own.  Statistics say that the average person produces around 4.3 pounds of waste per day so I decided to see what my own contribution to this was.  For one week I collected all the things that I would normally throw in the trash (minus Kleenex and paper towels).  My total for the week was around 15 pounds.  Since I already had it separated I recycled the plastic bags, paper, batteries, printer cartridge and put the the vegetable waste and cardboard in my compost pile.  After that I was left with a couple of glass salsa jars, a couple of metal cans and miscellaneous plastic containers which had to go in the trash since our small town does not offer recycling.   Since then I have located a few drop-off locations and plan to start recycling more once I design a home collection system that will allow me to separate these items.  Although it is a little extra work and I am just one person I will know that I am making a difference even if it is small.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “Just Dropping In To Say Hello

  1. Good to hear from you Gina! Your positive attitude about the potential cancer treatment is probably why you kicked its butt first time around. It sounds like your school and projects are the perfect balance for you and your OCD, lol! You are making a valued effort in the amount of trash disposed of too, yay!

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  2. I found going back to school also an enlightening experience especially since most of the classmates were younger and I could contribute more life experience to the classes. Enjoy and hope all turns out well with your treatments. I have lost too many dear friends to Cancer. Your upbeat attitude I know will definitely help.

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