Here’s What’s Been Going On

Posting on my blog has been put on the back burner for awhile.  With the holidays, a trip to Houston, having allergies AND a cold, doctors appointments not to mention that my husband and I are starting college full-time tomorrow.  We are taking the same course to earn our associates degrees in Environmental and OSHA Safety.  It should be fun (and they have hamsters, snakes and guinea pigs in the classroom which is more exciting for me that it is for him). 🙂  I managed to make a pot of beans and some sweet and sour meatballs today but with all the getting ready for school I didn’t document and just threw it together.  Once my schedule has been established I will be able to plan better and get my butt back in the routine of cooking.  I sure do miss it.  I am still reading all of the blog I follow and am taking notes.  There were so many awesome holiday recipes and photos.  Hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year (I know we did).  I was the designated driver so I abstained from even a drop of champagne.  We had a great dinner with some friends, met some new people and listened to some great music.  I look forward to posting some recipes soon-please be patient.  Have a great week.

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