Daily Doodles – September 2016

I have added something new to my morning routine….DOODLING.  This is something that I did obsessively all through school (sometimes instead of homework).  We were given paper covers for our textbooks, I would cover mine with the blank side out and cover it with doodles.  I still have a few of them as a matter of fact.  Seems I was a huge fan of The Doors and Iron Maiden.  My Nanny would insist that I save all my doodles and she had been saving them since I was very little.  When I was in my 30’s she gave me an album filled with all of them including my very attempt at drawing a face (I was probably about three).  Looking back at them it makes me realize I need to practice more-I used to be so much better.  No better time than now to begin again.  Throughout this process I became aware that each day is different. There were some days I felt very creative and inspired and other days just went through the motion of discipline and just got some color of the paper. I plan on posting these just once a month for a while if anyone cares to take a peek.

Seems I am still drawing like a child.  Hopefully these will start to get better.

Have a great day!!








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