Finds From My Trip To Houston

I finally got back home on Monday and have been exhausted.  Besides having to unpack and wash all of my thrift store goodies I have been pondering how to make my Halloween costume (I am keeping it a secret for now).  Sewing is not a skill that I have practiced much except for small repairs and buttons.  This costume is going to involve more than that so I need to get started early.  I will take pictures as this undertaking progresses and will post pictures upon its completion.

Yesterday was a lazy day but this morning I feel energized and ready to get started.  On my trip to Houston I did some thrift shopping and of course some regular shopping.  Here are some of the things I found.

Starting at the top left:

  1. Some miscellaneous plates from Pier 1.
  2. Some super cute sandals from Kohls (on sale for $7.00
  3. A white serving dish (I’m thinking dipping sauces for sushi) $1.00
  4. A glass carafe with a lid that I plan on using to store dry beans ($1.00)
  5. A cookbook (of course) 50 cents
  6. An antique crock that I didn’t really need ($2.00)
  7. A pair of silver Skechers that are so comfortable ($8.00)
  8. A huge letter S representing our last name ($20.00)
  9. More cookbooks-very excited because the Alaska book has wonderful recipes ($1.00)
  10. Yet another cookbook-Asian Cooking (50 cents)
  11. Two very heavy baking pans-one is tiny hearts and the other ice cream cones (50 cents each)
  12. Finally, a tiny little serving bowl (just because it was too cute to pass up (29 cents)

Had a great time visiting with family and friends but was really happy to get back home and back into the kitchen.

Have a great day !!


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