Leftovers Getting Makeovers

img_3953This weekend was crazy busy so I didn’t cook-just salads with lettuce and Swiss chard from my garden.  Our town had their annual community-wide garage sale which would have been better if it hadn’t been raining.  It cleared up enough Saturday morning for me to get out and go to a few.  I spent less than $10.00 and came home with a cookbook, some small baking pans and a rustic lawn ornament.  Wednesday I am headed to Houston to babysit my sisters animals and if all goes as planned I will be doing more junking with my Mama and best friend.  Fingers crossed that I find some good stuff-looking for a small piece of furniture to re-purpose.  🙂

Today I wanted to share something a little different.  We rarely have leftovers but when we do it’s just a smidge.  Rather than letting them go to waste I will incorporate them into my breakfast or lunch the following day.  By doing this we aren’t  wasting food and I am challenging my creativity.  In fact sometimes I make sure that we have leftovers so I can play with them the next day.  It has become like a little game of sorts.  Here are some of  before and after ideas.

Have fabulous day!!

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