9-11-16: Two ReasonsTo Remember Today


On this Day of Remembrance we honor the memory of our Americans who lost their lives and those who selflessly risked their lives to save others.

Also on the calendar this September 11, 2016 in Grandparents Day.  My grandparents are all in Heaven but I want to take time today to remember all the happy times we shared together and thank them for the love, laughter, excitement, wisdom and values that they gave to me.

nanny and grandaddy

Dear Nanny-

There are a so many moments that I have thought of you since you left for Heaven.  I know that you’re where you want to be and that is with Grandaddy.  There are so many things I wish I had said to you and so many things I wish I had done differently.  First I want to say ‘thank you’ for always taking time and patience to teach me things and encourage my creativity. 

  • I remember that you always saved all the artwork I made for you whether it was crappy or not because to you it was a masterpiece.
  • I remember when the lake house was being built and we had to bathe in the lake and you let us play more than bathe because you knew kids do not care to bathe anyway.
  • I enjoyed the times that we searched for arrowheads by the lake, picked up pretty rocks from the little stream and when you and Grandaddy took us to pick out and cut the Christmas tree.  
  • I had so much fun the day we dug up flowers and plants from the abandoned subdivision behind your house-we got a lot of great plants that day.
  • Thank you for showing us some of the things that were important to you when you were a girl.  Your stories were so fascinating and I still re-tell them. 
  • When I came to live at your house during high school because I wanted to graduate in that district I know it was hard to have a teenager in the house who at times really tested the generation gap.  Through that time though you taught me a lot about our family history (especially during one entire summer I was grounded for the ‘herbal cigarette’ you found in my room).  Even though you were disappointed in me, you drove miles so that I could talk with a 90-year old distant relative as research for our family tree. 
  • You were a wonderful cook and taught me so much of what I know. 
  • You taught me to be frugal with money, to shop resale and to use coupons which I still do.  A few weeks ago as I was painting my toes (saving the $30 I could have spent on a pedi) I thought of you when I realized I was using the same color polish that you used.  For a brief moment I was looking at your feet. not my own.

It is ironic because that is where I always remember being as a little girl was at your feet, following you and always waiting to see what you had planned next.  I miss you so much.   I Love You. XXOO

Dear Grandaddy-

  • It seems like only yesterday that you were teaching me how to use tools and build a box.  I built that box and it was a beautiful box (well to me it was).  You could build anything. 
  • I loved watching you when the lake house was being built.  You knew pretty much without measuring exactly what to do. 
  • You toted us around on your motorcycle when you probably just wanted to ride alone, but you did it anyway. 
  • I remember the wind in my hair when you let us ride in the bed of your truck for over 60 miles on the freeway (it was legal then).
  • I think of you when I have a big bowl of ice cream and get to the bottom and hear the clanking of the spoon trying to get the last little bit. 
  • We always sat and ate breakfast together and I really enjoyed that. 
  • One summer Nanny got me a job downtown Houston doing inventory and I rode smooshed between the two of you in traffic for three months.  Never once did you complain but I remember it being pretty crowded. 
  • I always admired you for taking time to do the little projects that Nanny asked you to do-it made her happy and she was always so proud of you.
  • You always took the time to try and entertain us.  I Love You. 

grandmaDear Grandma

So many mornings I wake up and want to dial your number.  I could always call you EARLY, EARLY and you would be awake and anxious to talk.  It has been four years since you left us and it seems like just yesterday.   The past few months I have been doing a lot of cooking and have come across your recipes often.  The paper still smells like your recipe box.  I learned a lot from you about cooking and about plants.  You would be proud of me-I have kept a Christmas cactus alive for three years now.  I have not mastered your shortbread yet but I have come close.  Strange as it may sound, I cannot even make buttered toast the way that you made it.  I miss our Scrabble games even though you and Thelma kicked my butt with your list of ‘words that ARE real words’.  I am going to be in Houston at the end of the month and plan on bringing your corner china cabinet home and refinish it.  After you went to Heaven we came across your school reader and little red shoes that you were always so proud of.  I contacted the museum in town where you went to school and they were so excited to be able to display them.  I love you and miss you.

Dear Grandaddy-

Thank you for letting us kids get away with everything-it drove Grandma nuts and we all thought it was funny.  We loved going to the bait shop with you because you let us have as much candy as we could fit in our little hands-full well knowing that Grandmas was making lunch for us while we were with you.  Going fishing with you was always fun too because you made us laugh a lot and letting us take a few sips from your beer made us feel like grown-up fishermen.  We were excited when you let us swim in the pond even though there was an alligator but watched closely and when he went under, we had to get out.  You taught me a lot about gardening although I should have paid more attention since I am trying it myself now.  You let me play with snakes, lizards and other critters-I think that’s because it freaked Grandma out.  I remember the last time I saw you in the hospital and even though the medicine had made you foggy I know you knew we were there with you.  I wish I would have had more time to know you and more years to spend with you.  You always made me laugh.  I Love You.

Grandparents are a Blessing-a gift from God so take the time this day to honor them and tell them that you love them.

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