In The Test Kitchen Today

jellToday was my second time to make prickly pear jelly only this time I added the juice of four jalapenos.  I had three recipes in front of me and picked at each of them to get the result that I was looking for.  I was hoping to find peppers that were a little hotter but seems they are all mild this year.  The jelly turned out great with perfect consistency so I figure after a few times of doing this I will be able to provide an accurate recipe.  At least I remembered to wear gloves while handling these spiky monsters this time but to no avail-I have stickers in a few fingers. Ugh!!  I was excited that I got to use the antique jar lifter that I got at a yard sale a few months ago and wondered how many jars it has lifted over the years.


jel1Also today while I had jalapeno on the brain I stuffed a few with cream cheese and wrapped them in bacon (a fave of ours).  Just for fun I made two that were stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese, chopped apricots and chopped pecans.  I coated the bacon with brown sugar before wrapping the pepper.  I love the sweet heat but I could not get my husband to try one-so I ate both (no problem there-I’m not gonna ask twice).

Tonight we are having leftover Pork Parmesan & Pasta Alfredo which is fine with me.  Maybe I can get him to watch The Huntsman: Winters War since we watched the new Jungle Book last night (his choice).  I was okay but even though the animals aren’t real I don’t like to see them get hurt-silly I know but that’s just me.

Have a great rest of the day!!




5 thoughts on “In The Test Kitchen Today

  1. You are brave handling prickly pears, I love them, they are delicious but having gotten those stickers in my fingers and hand once I haven’t held one again. I do love the jelly though, your recipe with the jalapeno sounds delicious. I got a tiny jar as part of a secret santa gift last year and ate it all in one sitting, it was a very tiny jar.

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