Breaking For A Bunny (And Some Art Time)

I have been cooking-just haven’t had time to post.  It all started three days ago when I found a newborn bunny in my yard with no sign of the mother. Of course the dogs knew where it was so they had to remain on the porch while I kept it safely covered in grass, stalking the window like a mad woman (driving my husband nuts) to see if she would return.  My training with wildlife came in handy for sure.  Knowing that mother rabbits only visit the nest at dawn and at dusk, the poor little baby was vulnerable during all day and all night which was a major concern because we have so many predators where we live.  I made three sided dome out of chicken wire and placed it over him during the day and once again at night.  Finally, she came back, nursed him and moved him to a new location.  RELIEF!!  Life was resumed.

Yesterday I spent a lot of the day in my art room painting.  A few months back I bought an old cabinet door at a yard sale for $2.00 so I painted that and it is now hanging in our living room.  So nice to finally be adding some color.  We have A LOT of wood in our cabin and my husband had been saying that we needed something on the walls.  This is not something that I didn’t know but being frugal it seemed illogical to just go spend money something that has no meaning just to cover up a blank spot on a wall.  I would rather wait until we find something unique, something that we pick out together or just simply make something.  Here it is.


Last night I made roast beef and jalapeno rice but was too tired to document the recipe which is pretty self-explanatory anyway.

More art time for me today and then back into the kitchen to cook up something yummy.

Have a wonderful day!!

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