Honey Lemon Bundt Cakes With Honey Caramelized Pears

Today is National Honey Bee Day

At 78 years old my Daddy is raising honey bees.  A couple of years ago a friend of his who also raises bees set him up with his own hive.  At first it was just one hive-now there are two.  I have visited these hives from the comfort of a golf cart and it is amazing watching them work. He is expecting to harvest the honey next month and should have around 50 jars.  I can’t wait because I love, love, love honey.  Texas has a lot of bee farms with many varieties of honey.  I am partial to wildflower honey. To find the bee farms in your state visit the National Honey Board.


IMG_1433As a salute to the honey bee I made four  Mini Honey Lemon Bundt Cakes topped with Honey Carmelized Pears.   The original recipe was for a regular sized cake so I cut the recipe and cut it in half and used mini pans.

I did some reading a while back about the importance of bees and found it very interesting.  Here are a few links should anyone wish to know more:




A Big THANK YOU To The Honey Bee!

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