Happiness On A Rainy Day

pep8We have been praying for rain and this morning it finally happened.  It was not a lot but some is better than none, right?  Didn’t stop me from my morning walk-a little later than normal but got it done.  I snapped some pics along the way, one of a very pretty bush (not sure what it is but it has huge stickers I found out), an adorable bunny rabbit, more prickly pear blooms (yay-making more jelly is in my future) and one of our cabin from across the lake.

Yesterday was beautiful with big puffy clouds and bright blue sky during the day and a sensational pallet of colors at sunset.

tuna3Yesterday I drove into the city to get my ‘grocery shopping fix’.  I found a lot of new things to try which is always exciting.  One thing I found was Atry Basmati Smoked Rice.  Just the thought of what it must taste like brought out the food hoarder in me and I wanted to buy the four bags that they had but forced myself to refrain until I had tried it.  There were so many great sales as well and I bought some ahi tuna steaks which is a treat because I cannot get them locally.  tunaValencia Orange Peel, Matcha Green Tea with Ginger and Korean Style Red Pepper also made their way into my cart just because you can NEVER EVER have too many spices on hand.

wind3A quick detour to a second-hand shop yielded a unique serving dish and three shirts (tags still on) for my husband.   I get a lot of satisfaction when I am able to save money.  This is something that my grandmother instilled in me and I have never strayed from it-we used to have so much fun.

pep7GREAT NEWS!!  My Hatch chili peppers came today.  They are roasted and in the freezer.  I ordered five pounds and they were beautiful.  pep11The mail carrier said that they smelled wonderful in her car and hated to see them go.  I bet!  I reserved a few after I roasted them so I could use them in tonight’s dinner. And….I kept some seeds to try and plant next spring.  Not really sure if they will grow here but I’m going to give it a shot.

Enjoy the rest of the day.  It is raining again here. Yay!

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