Making Jelly and Feeding The OCD Monster

WOW….I am pooped.  Spent all morning unloading cabinets and attempting to get rid of some kitchen stuff and only found three things to purge.  I did however end up with an extra drawer that I can use for all those miscellaneous utensils that always seem to get tangled up with each other and I’m pretty happy about that.  It is just the two of us so I was questioning whether I really need two sets of plates (both white but one is much nicer than the other).  They are both staying for now.  Went a little further and did the spice cabinet.  Yay….I can find everything so much easier now.  There is still more to do tomorrow though and I can’t wait to get started.

pear1While all this reorganizing was going on I made some prickly pear jelly which is something that had been on the back burner.  They were picked a couple of days ago and were in the freezer (I read where it increases the sweetness) and I seriously need the space back.  Guessing, I would say that there was around a gallon of fruit and it made two cups of juice. THAT’S IT!  The process was tedious because they are loaded with stickers.  I had to use tongs to pick the fruit, wash them in the sink to get most of the stickers off and use tongs to hold them while peeling/cutting them.  There has got to an easier way.  I do, however have two vibrantly colored jars of jelly.

Have a wonderful evening    


5 thoughts on “Making Jelly and Feeding The OCD Monster

  1. Wow all that for 2 jars of jelly, I bet it’s terrific though. I love prickly pears but hate the stickers. They are hard to handle and peel but the fruit is so good. Good for you organziing, I need to do the same


  2. Are those prickly pears on your property? My parents have quite a few of them on their property in Wimberley but the deer have all but decimated them. There are lots of deer in Wimberley. Anyways, congrats on the organization! My special utensil drawer is a disaster!


    1. Yes. We have ALOT of them. The rabbit get the lower ones and we do not have that many deer because there is a game fence across our road. Thanks. My drawer was a disaster and still isn’t perfect but nothing is the same shape so at least I have a separate drawer for those items. Enjoy your evening 🙂

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