Leftover Chicken & Shrimp Stew Over Parmesan Toast

Seriously….I do not think I have been this tired in a while.  toast2Spent most of the day working in 100 degree weather tearing out our deck.  Hopefully soon we will be pouring concrete to expand our porch.  We have been thinking about getting a spa and maybe that will happen before winter (wouldn’t that be sweet).  The person who built this was obviously trying to make sure it could withstand the winds because the use of nails and screws was insane.  There is still more work to do but ain’t happening today.  Tomorrow it isn’t going to happen either because we are heading to the “big city of Abilene” to do some REAL grocery shopping and pick up some specialty items-YAY! I am so excited.




I was too tired to cook.  My husband had a meeting at work and he had chips and salsa before he left while I lay recovering on the couch.  I had to do better than that for myself so I forced myself to heat up some of the Chicken & Shrimp Stew from last night, pan toasted some artisan bread with butter, garlic and parmesan.  I used some of the broth from the stew for a sauce.  I had to add a tiny bit of flour (more sriracha of course), poured it over the bread, sprinkled it with some dill cheese and threw in a few slices of avocado.  YUM!

I am now going to pull myself over to the couch, kick back and watch some TV.

Have a great evening!

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