Shelf for TV….DONE


Another project is crossed off my list. A few weeks back we cut a piece of plywood for a corner shelf in our living room so that we could raise our TV up.  I  should have painted it right then but was unsure of how I wanted to go about it.  After tossing different ideas around I finally decided to paint it to look like old boards….colorful old boards.  It only took about an hour and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to. 


tvshelfI started with the raw piece of plywood and taped the shapes of the boards.  Using acrylic paint and an old ragged 2″ paintbrush I filled in the shapes.  When that was dry I rubbed it with a coat of walnut stain.  The stain brought out the colors and at the same time let the grain of the wood show through.  The last step I did was spray it with a matte sealer.

We could have hired a professional but I like to do things myself (any excuse to get my paints out).  The only expense was the plywood ($20).  We already had the saw, tape, paint and stain. 

I love saving money.




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