Beef & Peppers

My husband and I had such a heart-warming visit with an elderly veteran friend yesterday evening at the VFW Post.  We talked about gardening and how the rabbits and rodents are terrible this season.  We talked about rattlesnakes and how many encounters he has had over the years.  He spoke briefly of his military service, about Pearl Harbor and  aircraft carriers. He told us stories of his childhood without electricity or running water.  We talked for over an hour, well he talked, we listened intently.  My husband said to me after we left that he really did enjoy that conversation-I totally agreed with him.  I absolutely love listening to stories like his.

This morning I wanted to sleep in for a little while (very strange) but got up and tried to make a frittata which was a flop-preparation error on my part (posted it earlier anyway).  Thought that since breakfast was a miniature disaster that I would try and redeem myself for dinner.  I found a great recipe by The Pioneer Woman for Beef & Peppers.  It looked really good so that’s what I made.  Because of the July 4 holiday there was not a jalapeno to be found in our town and I only had one in the frig. I really wanted to add two to this dish.  What I did have was some assorted sweet peppers and a large chili pepper so that’s what I used.

The only changes I made were substituting white wine for the sherry (just don’t like sherry), using olive oil instead of canola and using a variety of peppers.

Have a happy day!








4 thoughts on “Beef & Peppers

  1. You appear to have redeemed yourself just fine from breakfast (and I would totally have eaten it!). I love many of The Pioneer Woman’s recipes. You did a great job of making do with the peppers you had on hand, and it is very colorful too!

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    1. Yes I have been redeemed. Ree does have some awesome recipes. I can never seem to catch her show on TV. Maybe I will try to record it. If I start watching I will be a couch potato so I try not to turn it on at all except for my recordings. Must Have Discipline! Hope you are enjoying working from home. It is a lot different I’m sure.

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