Steak With Spicy Squash & Mini Twice Baked Potatoes

Mondays just seem to come around too fast and with them comes the task of catching up on chores that were neglected over the weekend.  It always feels good when things are back in order and I can focus again though.

Saturday morning the lake was like glass so we hopped in the kayaks and cruised around for a little while.  Very relaxing except for the barking and howling of two jealous dogs watching us from our back porch.

My garden fence needed some tweaking so my husband helped me with that on Sunday.  It is such a relief to have that project done because now I don’t have to work the shift of worrying about the bunnies anymore. (smile)  I did some reading on composting and was amazed at what can be used. Check it out here

IMG_1587The full moon has been beautiful the last few days and tonight there will be a Strawberry Moon so I will be there with my camera photographing it with my IPhone.  I do this even though I am well aware that all I will get is a colored dot. Never hurts to try though.  I took a few Friday night but they were fuzzy.  Maybe some day I will invest in a camera.

 I had pre-prepared all our meals for the weekend so I did not cook for two days-glad to be back in the saddle.  For dinner tonight I made two New York strip steaks marinated with a  Spicy Coffee Rub.  This rub is phenomenal.  My husband and I first discovered this flavor combination when we ordered fajitas at Miguels Tex Mex Café in Abilene.  For the side dishes I made squash (picked from our garden) with roasted poblano peppers and mini Cheesy Bacon Stuffed Potatoes.

Have a fabulous day!




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