Pickle-Cream Cheese Eggrolls

IMG_1532Even though the full moon kept me awake last night the reflection that it cast out on the lake was AWESOME. It looked like millions of twinkly stars so I watched it for a while before going back to sleep, sure wish I could have captured it in a photo. Looks like it will be the same tonight (smile).

My laptop is still at Best Buy being repaired.  In the meantime I am using my old laptop which has Window 7 and it is so frustrating-cannot wait to get back to Windows 10.  They say next week-crossing fingers.

The fence around my little garden is finally finished, compost bin is up an running and two more containers are planted (okra, tomatoes and sage). Note to self….wear gloves and choose pants instead of shorts when working with chicken wire-that stuff has a mind of its own. Did my best today to get a head start on our yard work so we wouldn’t have as much to do on the weekend….AND I went ahead and made egg rolls for us to snack on.


First I made basic cabbage and carrot egg rolls and then for fun I made some pickle, cream cheese and prosciutto egg rolls that I found on Pinterest.  The original recipe was made with ham but i thought that prosciutto would taste a lot better.  Recently I found Vlasic Bold and Spicy Sweet Chipotle pickles so that is the kind I used in our eggrolls.  This time I only made four but next time I will make many, many more.  Thinking they would be great with tomato soup.

  • pickle spears
  • slices of cream cheese
  • slices
  • egg roll wrappers
  • vegetable oil



Have a great weekend!



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