I Will Get To It….Tomorrow

IMG_1254Yesterday was productive….today I intend on doing next to nothing.   There is a stack of cooking magazines in desperate need of attention and a few recorded episodes of Chopped that I am anxious to watch.  The things that happen on a NORMAL day just don’t seem to be happening today.  The bed is always made as soon as we get up but today it will remain unmade (until I feel like it).  There are a few dishes in the sink and since we do not have a dishwasher (I am the dishwasher) it is not a crisis so they can stay there (for now).  The floor needs to be swept because we have two furry creatures that shed constantly but hey, maybe later.  I do however need to make a trip to the post office and check the mail but that would involve getting out of my comfy clothes, putting on a little makeup and driving ten miles-not really feeling it at the moment.  I would rather sit at my desk (kitchen counter) and read those magazines, go through this increasingly large stack of clipped recipes, file them and watch those episodes of Chopped.  A small cheese tray would compliment my plans beautifully-guess that would be me putting it all together thoughI suppose it wouldn’t be too much trouble. 

I would rather sit here and write about NOT doing it than to actually do it.  Makes perfect sense.

Have a fabulous day!



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