Creamed Corn and Pickled Turnips

IMG_1234What a great weekend. The flooding in our area has subsided and we can actually see our pier this morning. Although our house was not in immediate danger, we did have a couple of nearby neighbors that were affected and are Praying that they will be back in their homes soon. On the way to town Saturday I stopped at a benefit garage sale and bought a couple of small baking dishes and an old rotary telephone. Didn’t really need the phone but for a buck, why not.  I will put it in my art room.  Brings back a lot of memories.

IMG_1146We did a little fishing yesterday afternoon even though the pier was still slightly under water-I had two nibbles and thievery of my worm-then nothing. It was a beautiful day so just having a pole in the water was good enough-we catch and release anyway.

This morning has been surprisingly productive considering I didn’t sleep much.  Guess the Diet Dr. Pepper was not a good idea. I was moving at a snail’s pace at first but once vegetable prep began I was good to go. I started with pickled turnips that I saw on Dinner At Tiffani’s.  I love turnips and was mesmerized by the vibrant pink color of this dish. The pinkness comes from adding a beet-I LOVE IT.  Get the recipe here.

Next I chose to make a creamed corn recipe that I had cut out of Taste Of The South Magazine (Get the recipe here).  When I saw this I went and bought corn immediately. I have always had intentions to make homemade creamed corn, just had never done it. My Great Aunt Zelma made it quite a bit from corn picked fresh from her garden. Not to be negative Nellie but I don’t think I could ever duplicate hers-I will keep trying though.  I altered this recipe by using half and half instead of milk as well as adding a chopped jalapeno pepper.  A one-spoon taste test said “cover it up and step away”.  I could have devoured the whole bowl.


I wish everyone a great day and an awesome week!


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