Fresh Peach Cobbler

20160531_211931195_iOS (2)‘A peach was the first fruit eaten on the moon’

Rain, Rain, Rain….The lake is full and we have another week of wet weather in the forecast.  These pictures are from one week ago and again today.

What a difference.  Our little lake is full and there are lots of critters on the move. 20160531_132445164_iOS I saw a monster of a frog this morning on the way to ewwwie Walmart for groceries.  I passed pretty close to him and he didn’t move-backed up and took a pic-still didn’t move.  Thought maybe he was hurt-got out-nudged him with my foot and he boinked over into the ditch.

Not much that I could do outdoors today but I did pluck the peaches before the storm hit.  20160529_172843381_iOSThis is the second time to pick them and there are still more to come.  I peeled and stored some in the freezer for later and there is a good lookin’ cobbler sitting on the stove for dessert tonight.  That’s a lot of work peeling peaches but totally worth it.  I used Paula Deens cobbler recipe but I cut it in half and also let my peaches sit in the sugar for a little while so they would be sweeter.  Unfortunately I neglected to pick up ice cream this morning so squirty whipped cream or Half & Half will have to do.

My husbands team is working late trying to take care of problems in town that arose from all the rain so me and the pups are going to light my new daisy scented Yankee candle and watch the Chopped episodes that are recorded.

Have a wonderful evening!





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