Remembering Our Fallen Heroes


memorial-day-free-braveToday we remember and honor those who so bravely wrote that blank check to our great country and it was cashed.  My husband served over 20 years in military service as did many friends and relatives from both our families.

I will be totally honest in saying that even though I know what Memorial Day stands for, there are many things I did not know.  I did a little reading and learned some things today.

It all started this morning while I was poking around on Pinterest trying to find a red, white and blue dessert and some festive tablescapes….then I just plain got curious about all the red poppies.  I found a few neat ideas if you want to check them out.  20160529_164752563_iOSI did come up with a simple dessert by layering ladyfingers, sweetened cream cheese and fresh cherries.  Everything was already here and I didn’t need to go to the store. Yay….AND I only used half a package of cream cheese (that’s a first). Whipped cream going on top.

Please remember those who served and died before us, those who we have lost, those who have served and those who continue to serve.

Have a Blessed and safe Memorial Day.


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