Korean Pork Chops

20160530_185824453_iOS‘Don’t stop when you are tired-stop when you are done’

Last nights thunderstorm was insane.  Winds were gusting at what I would guess to be around 45-50 mph, the waves on the lake were fit for surfing and the lightning (which was very pretty) was constant.  We had tornado warnings for the better part of two hours so what else but stay awake and wait for it to pass.  It’s always scarier when it happens at night because you cannot see anything.  About midnight it subsided and we were able to get to sleep only to awake to no electricity.  I already had a plan and that was to plug the coffeemaker in using the outlet in my truck. No need-it came on 🙂 Texas has had so much rain this season and even though we still need more to fill up our lake our Prayers are with those who are displaced by too water.

Pork chops on the menu for dinner.  Found a recipe for Korean pork chops on Pinterest that sounds wonderful.

I changed it up a bit by cutting the meat into cubes, adding some spicy chili paste, green onions and mushrooms. Perfect….and….we are having it with fettuccine pasta instead of rice.


Have a great day!

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