A Radish Quartet


With a little creativity (and the glorious internet) I have found that I LOVE RADISHES.  Having not bought them in years I decided to give them another whirl.  I had to buy an entire bunch of them and was worried that their fate would be ending up as compost in my garden.  Seems my memory of them was that they were bitter and I said I would never buy them again and pick them off my salads from then on.  Maybe my taste buds have changed because this morning I made them four ways and I loved ALL OF THEM.

20160530_125050491_iOSThe first way I prepared them was using a mandolin (one of the best kitchen gadgets EVER) and spiraling a couple of radishes and a couple of small yellow potatoes-about a cup total as not to have any waste should I not like it.  I sautéed them in butter, added salt and pepper, topped them with chives, made a cheese stuffed egg and toasted an English muffin.  The texture was perfect and the flavors combined together was a perfect combination. It still had the taste of a hashbrown but with a little something extra.  Absolutely loved this breakfast.


20160530_144114295_iOSFor the second dish I chose to make a radish dip recipe that I found online.  Very, very simple-and it has cream cheese, can’t go wrong there. This dip is very summery and refreshing and may be good with a few cucumbers added as well.  I dipped with a few different crackers (melba toast, plain tricuits, ritz and pretzels) and the melba toast was the clear winner.  I will definitely be making this again.


20160530_155728987_iOSThe excitement was killing me to try roasting the radishes.  Everything is better roasted-really brings out the flavor.  I chopped the radishes and placed them on a foiled lined cookie sheet sprayed with cooking spray, sprinkled with salt, pepper and a little bit of dill.  Then I dropped a couple of teaspoons of butter among the pieces and baked for about 20 minutes.  Very nice texture and flavor.  I thought they would be mushy but they were perfect.

20160530_161208193_iOSFor the final recipe I made radish butter and that’s what in it, radishes and butter (and a little bit of black pepper).  I found the recipe on the Martha Stewart website, made it and spread it on a slice of tasted sesame seed french bread. Yum!   The most important step is to pat the grated radishes and get out as much water as possible (glad I read the whole recipe before jumping in head first).  Again, a very summertime kind of snack, in fact I could probably just have these for lunch sometime.  This one is a keeper too.http://www.marthastewart.com/339713/radish-butter-on-toasted-baguette

So glad I gave this colorful little root vegetable another chance.  I am totally surprised and look forward to a lot more radishes.  Now, to tackle the sweet potato which has also been one of my least favorite vegetables. I did see a brisket stuffed sweet potato on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives that is first on my list to try.  Maybe that’s the golden ticket.

Have a Blessed day!






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