Cheese Can Fix Anything – Even Quinoa

‘Try to learn something about everything and everything about something’

20160512_135545361_iOSAfter lasts nights severe storms, tornado warnings and electric outages it is a surprisingly calm, crisp morning.  Day before yesterday I bought some quinoa and this morning I was up eager to give it another whirl.  The last time I tried it by making quinoa/kale patties and even though the taste was ok I was not crazy about the grainy texture.  Today I cooked the quinoa, added some spices, bread crumbs, jalapeno, agave nectar, an egg and formed it into balls.  I went a step further and made a sriracha garlic mayo sauce while waiting for them to bake.  They smelled wonderful and came out of the oven a golden brown.  I had high hopes, probably because they resembled the crab balls served at seafood restaurants.

Verdict:  Still don’t like it 😦

What to do?  It was a bit disappointing but I had only one idea, CHEESE.  I greased a casserole dish, crumbled the quinoa balls in the bottom, added two packages of tuna, pepper jack cheese and green onion.  Then I added another layer of quinoa balls, more cheese and topped it with tomatoes and green onion.  Looked really pretty so in the oven it went.  Twenty minutes later it came out, looking and smelling pretty dang good.

Verdict:  I actually liked it.

Adding the cheese really tamed that grainy texture.  I may even consider tweaking it and trying it again since I have half a package left.  After that I think I will stick with rice or pasta 🙂

Have a fantabulous day!

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