Today Is Earth Day – Love The Earth

I am off to a great start to show our amazing planet some love today.  Our tiny garden is growing nicely.  We have a pepper (its only about 1/2 inch big) and ALOT of blooms on the squash.  I bought two more squash plants  and a cucumber plant this morning and have planted those.  The cilantro, basil, lavender and dill are ready so I have already been cooking with those.  Hummingbird season is here so I hung the feeder and have had a few visitors this morning.  On my way into town this morning I stopped a church garage sale.  SCORE.  Got a pair of Silver jeans, a pair of Bella Dahl jeans, a summer shirt and a clay flower pot for $3.00.  So exciting!  I also stopped and picked up a brisket which is in the oven now.   I used my Dad’s recipe.  It has a lot of garlic, pepper, mustard and onions.  Smells amazing.  My plan is to make some garlic smoked sausage and warm potato salad.  That should set us up for the weekend.  My husband will be so happy that I am cooking a huge slab of meat instead of the usual small portions.  Brisket, beer and beautiful weather….doesn’t get much better than that.

Last night, I went to a painting party at the local museum.  SO much fun.  Of course I ended up with paint in my hair, always do.  We did a painting by Georgia O’Keeffe from her Bones collection.  I didn’t quite finish so I will work on it more over the weekend.


This girl is headed outdoors to work in the yard.  Have a Blessed day.

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